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How to Change the Frequency in a Ceiling Fan Remote

Learn how to change the frequency in a ceiling fan remote by the owner of All Star Services & Repair, LLC. If this is your first time changing or adjusting the frequency in your ceiling fan or remote, you will be amazed at how simple making adjustments can be.

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Shut the power off to the ceiling fan. Remove the decorative glass cover for the light bulbs if needed.

This ceiling fan will need to be dropped to reach the dip switch inside the canopy. You may or may not have to drop your ceiling fan. If you can reach the dip switch, then there is no need to drop the ceiling fan. The dip switch on this ceiling fan is located inside the canopy where the ceiling fan is hard wired to the electrical junction box in the ceiling. With different manufactures, there is no guarantee that all dip switches will be located in the same spot. It’s a good idea to look up the manufactures information to find the location of the ceiling fan dip switch before any work is started.


Here is a diagram referencing the name of different parts in a ceiling fan if needed.

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Since we will need to drop this ceiling fan, loosen and remove the screws for the canopy. Sometimes the canopy can be used to support the weight of the ceiling fan, while others are more of a decorative cover. Inspect the canopy while loosening the screws to determine if the ceiling fan is supported by the canopy or just a decorative cover. If the canopy supports the ceiling fan like the one in the photo, be sure to keep a good hold on the entire ceiling fan while loosening the canopy screws. This will help prevent the ceiling fan from falling to the ground.

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Once the canopy screws are removed, disconnect the electrical lines coming from the electrical junction box in the ceiling. Carefully lay the ceiling fan on the floor.

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Here is what the the dip switch looks like in the ceiling fan.

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Here is what the dip switch looks like in the ceiling fan remote.

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Some dip switches will have tiny levers that you slide up or down to make adjustments. The small levers are usually marked with 1, 2, 3 and 4. You want to make sure the ceiling fan and remote have the same sequence for which ever number you decide to set in the up or down position. If there is more than one ceiling fan using a remote, be sure to set all the ceiling fans to a different frequency.

Our ceiling fan has tiny black squares called jumper blocks that need to be removed to change the frequency. To set the new frequency, make sure the ceiling fan and remote match when removing the jumper blocks. We have a jumper box on number 1, 2, 3 and 4. We decided to remove the jumper box on 3 and 4 for the remote and ceiling fan.

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I actually used this pen to remove one of the jumper blocks. The jumper block slides right off the 2 copper pins in the dip switch.

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Once the new frequency is set then the ceiling fan can be reinstalled.

When the canopy supports the ceiling fan, you will usually find a hook that can support the ceiling fan while making the electrical connections. These hooks make it much easier to hang a ceiling fan. Before reinstalling the ceiling fan, it is a good idea to inspect the mounting hardware attached to the electrical box in the ceiling to verify that the mount is secured properly. Also inspect and verify that the electrical box is a ceiling fan rated box. You never know what you can run into and it is always good practice to verify that the ceiling fan was installed correctly the first time.

Thanks for reading! We hope this helped answer the question on how to change the frequency in a ceiling fan remote. 

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