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How to Install SharkBite Fittings

If you have spent some time searching on the internet in regards to how to install SharkBite fittings and connectors, you may realize that there is a lot of information that may contradict itself. After doing a lot of searching ourselves, we were able to put all the facts together in this post on how to install SharkBite fittings and connectors. After reading this post we are confident all your questions will be answered.

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Page 1:  Beginning the Installation of SharkBite Fittings


027 (640x360)

Here is the old shut off valve we are going to replace using SharkBite fittings. You may also visit here to see the manufacturers instructions on installing SharkBite fittings.

029 (640x360)

When installing SharkBite fittings ALWAYS measure and mark any copper pipe that the SharkBite fitting will be sliding onto.

031 (640x360)

Take a piece of copper pipe and slide it all the way into the safe seal depth and pipe deburring tool.

Once the copper pipe bottoms out inside the measuring tool, mark the copper pipe. The SharkBite fitting must push all the way to the line that was just marked on the copper pipe. Sometimes these fittings can be hard to slide into place and may feel like they slid all the way down, when they did not. Never risk an improper installation by not measuring and marking the copper pipe. The fitting could blow off if not installed properly.


032 (640x360)

Since the piece we are cutting will be used to join two SharkBite fittings together, we always want to make sure we leave enough room between the two SharkBite fittings to fit a SharkBite Disconnect Clip. This will save a lot of headache if a SharkBite fitting or connector needs to be removed during installation.

033 (640x360)

Next use a tape measure to find the point where you will use pipe cutters to cut the copper pipe.

034 (640x360)

Place the cutting wheel from your pipe cutters on the marked line and cut the copper pipe.


Post Directory | How to install SharkBite fittings.



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