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All Star Services & Repair, LLC

Warranty Guidelines

All Star Services & Repair, LLC, guarantees that all material installed will meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. We will service any claim for defective craftsmanship without charge for up to 1 year.

Material or items that have their own manufacturers warranty must be followed by the specifications of the manufacturer. The customer is responsible for keeping purchase receipts, and any other documentation that may be needed for the manufacturers warranty.

Warranty comes into effect on the same day installations, repairs or services are completed and full payment is received.

Warranty needs no additional purchases and is included with all installations, services and repairs, unless stated differently on the quote. Exclusions will always be printed at the bottom of our quotes.

No charges are billed during the warranty process.

Selling property where installations, repairs or services are provided does not void warranty.

If any work, material, or items under warranty are tampered with by any other person besides All Star Services & Repair, LLC warranty is void.

If customer has any concerns or questions, they are to contact All Star Services & Repair, LLC immediately.

Terms and Conditions

Waste removal

All Star Services & Repair, LLC does not include removal of waste, debris, building material or garbage from any job. These items will be placed in heavy duty garbage bags. Trash removal is available for additional charges. If any customer needs removal of these items, customers are to notify All Star Services & Repair, LLC before this document is signed, to request trash removal services.



Association between company and customer

If any customer has intentions of mistreating, lying, bullying or stealing from All Star Services & Repair, LLC the job and warranty will be terminated immediately without question regardless if job is completed.



Termination of Job

If any job is terminated by customer or All Star Services & Repair, LLC customer will still be responsible for payment of material purchased and hours spent on the job. 



Cancellation of Job

Any cancellation of a job must receive a 24 hour notice.  If this 24 hour notice is not provided, the customer will be charged a 60.00 fee plus the costs for any material that was purchased for the job.



Pricing of material

Generally, all pricing of material needed for the job is included in the quote. On certain jobs, All Star Services & Repair, LLC will be unable to provide a complete price for material. This material will be outlined on the quote and billed on the invoice when job is complete. 



Pricing of labor

Unforeseen problems can arise on any job. When these issues arise, All Star Services & Repair, LLC will immediately discuss the issue with the customer and inform the customer of any changes that need to be made to the scope of work or pricing of material. 




Full payment is due at the time job is completed. Some jobs may require payments throughout the duration of the job and will be noted on the quote.



Check Policy

By using a check for payment, you agree to the following terms: In the event your check is dishonored or returned for any reason, you authorize us to electronically re-present the check to your bank account for collection of the amount of the check. You will also be invoiced a return check fee of $60.00.



Late Payments

Accounts not paid within full at the time of completion of job, a $60.00 fee will be applied to invoice.




Accounts not paid after 30 days may be forwarded to collections or a lien will be filed.



Scheduling of trips

Trips or days needed to complete the job may be listed on the quote. All jobs are created different, and unforeseen circumstances can arise. On certain jobs more time may be needed than outlined on the quote. All Star Services and Repair, LLC  will take as much time needed to do the job correctly the first time. We will not rush to finish a job under any circumstances. It is our passion to produce high end work. 



Scheduling with deadlines that MUST be met

If your job has an immediate deadline that must be reached, this completion date must be listed on the quote. It is customers responsibility to contact All Star Services & Repair, LLC if date of completion is not listed on quote. Do NOT agree to these terms unless time of completion is outlined and agreed upon by both parties. 



Labor hours

Labor hours that may be listed on the quote are not a direct reflection of hours on the job site. 



Scheduling of new jobs

All Star Services & Repair, LLC schedules jobs on a first come first serve basis. Signing this document does not guarantee your job will be scheduled. It is recommended to sign quotes in a timely manner due to the constant increase and fluctuation of jobs. Once your job is scheduled then we can guarantee its completion.