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Whats it Really Take to Grow a Successful Business?


When I stepped foot into the world of working for someone else, I knew deep in my heart that something was wrong with having a boss. To be completely honest, I HATED it!

Everyday I dreamed of being in control of my life and owning my own successful business. My dreams led to many tried business ventures that never seemed to get me anywhere financially. All of my failed attempts of building my own business only helped to grow a debt that I could not escape. I attempted many home based businesses over a 10 year period that branded me a complete failure in life. 

After 8 years of being a full-time electrician, I was laid off. This left a devastating blow to my finances. My only hope of getting caught up financially was to start another home based business. If I did not succeed with growing this business quickly, I knew I would lose everything. I rolled the dice and spent my entire life savings on stuff I thought I would need to accomplish my goal of succeeding with this business. I thought for sure I made the right decision.

After a few months I quickly realized that I had made a very bad business decision. I failed miserably and lost everything. My cars were repossessed, I was evicted from 2 homes and eventually forced to file bankruptcy. I lost everything I ever owned and my life fell to a deep unbearable depression.

In the midst of losing everything I was called back to work as an electrician, but it was to late. The process of losing everything was already set in motion. The money I owed was no match for my weekly checks as an electrician. As life continued to fall apart, I began doing repair work for homeowners on a part-time basis. As I continued to do these side jobs, I quickly realized the need for a good repairman in our area. It was at this time that I launched All Star Services & Repair, LLC.

Now with 4 years of growth under my belt and a company that seems unstoppable with growth, I can confidently say that there is a wealth of knowledge to be shared. I want to provide hope to those who may be living in a dark unbearable situation that I once lived. I want everyone to know that no matter how broke, depressed or beaten up by life one may be, you have the power and ability to gain control of your life and accomplish any dream you may have.  

As time goes on, I will post below my thoughts in what I have learned and feel is important to help anyone excel in their business. The list below will continue to grow with my success and as I continue to grow as a person. I hope my thoughts and knowledge will one day help you in your journey. Wishing you only the best.

Whats it Really Take to Grow a Successful Business?

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